Memberships advice anyone?

  1. Hi, I am seeking a lil advice for myself and my ICU coworkers. We are in the quest of searching for suitable nursing organization memberships.

    I used to pay memberships to several organizations with hopes or expectations, but either I did not find the use to specifically my area, or simply I did not see the benefit and price being good match. I searched and searched, and it is bit time consuming, and I am running out with ideas.

    As an enthusiast I used to be ENA member, which I found to be kinda expensive and after some time - well it had not much benefit to me.

    I am member of AACN and even I had moments when I thought it is not much of use to me either, I like the fact that it is very accessible to find interesting CEU's that are "free".

    We all are looking into some memberships (our employer "encourages" us), that would be let's say inexpensive and bring us something beneficial.

    Can anyone give tips or advice what nursing memberships you have good experience, or could be interesting and for good price? THANK YOU
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  3. by   mmc51264
    I have not found any that are inexpensive. I addressed this in another thread, I think you get out of the organizations what you put into them. I am active in my state's association and my orthopedic nurse's association.
    Are you certified in your specialty? It seems to help more if you are certified and then join that specialty's organization.
  4. by   DNTcode
    Hi, thank you for reply! yes I am certified, and I am member of nursing society in that specialty. I found one interesting and that is the Neuroscience nurses in addition to AACN. Wound nurses does not look bad either. I was just curious if someone has maybe some better suggestion, could be out of my scope, just to know about something out of my usual scope or specialty. I found accidentally the organization for working with disabled, but it seems they have stipulation one has to be involved in care with disabled.