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Med Surg certification

  1. 6 Just wanted to share that I earned my certification in Med/Surg today
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    Woot!! Woot!! WTG!!
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    Hi, congratulations!! Can u please tell me which book did u study?

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    I used Springhouse Review for Medical Surgical Nursing Certification
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    Hi, thank you for your reply. I did buy the book. I am confused if I have to go through all the detail from that Medical surgical certification book. Also, did u practice extra question? If yes, can u please tell me which one?

    thank you!!
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    I used that book and believe it or not I pulled out my old NCLEX study book and reanswered questions from that. That was all I did. Being that I work in oncology I reread sections on systems I do not necessarily have extensive knowledge or experience with. The test itself wasn't nearly as bad as I had anticipated. It was 175 questions asked very straight forward.
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    Hi Mom to 4
    thank you so much for the information. I have one more question. I am preparing for med surg certification. I am practicing from the nclex springhouse question. do u think it is going to help me for it.

    thank you
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    I felt it helped me because i definitely did not think the certification test was nearly as hard as the NCLEX questions