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..and I don't mean the official type. I mean the type that gets you into FIGHTS! Today, I was so studiously administering 80mg Lasix IV push over 8 minutes, and the patient's doctor walked in the room and told me to "just push... Read More

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    <confused look> Ummm, am I so fat you can't see around me? I know I need to lose a few pounds, but I'm not blocking the entire bedside!<change to innocent look>
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    He was pushing his weight around, or swinging his, well - you know. You did well to stand your ground. Next time, yes, I think finishing when he's done would be better. After all, he IS God. And a legend in his own mind.

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    I think you handled it perfectly. The doctor was being a jerk. If he needed you to step aside so he could run a code, that would be a different thing. You advocated for the safety of your patient, you kept your cool and didn't allow yourself to be intimidated or goaded into doing something in anger.

    You are on your way to being an excellent nurse.
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    You did fine, and remained professional. But I too wonder your instructor or primary nurse was, we never allow students to give meds unsupervised.

    All the snarky comments are what we'd like to say, but don't because we don't lower ourselves to the poor behavior.

    and I have had a patient who had permanent hearing loss because her Lasix was pushed too fast in another facility; so handing the doc the syringe was not a viable option as he may well have caused harm to the patient. He could easily have interviewed the patient while you finished; talking to someone before physically assessing is expected.
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    Im a nursing student too, how in the world are you pushing meds without your instructor or another licensed nurse present. You really shouldnt be doing that at all. I wait forever for my clinical instructor to even give medication PO b/c she has to supervise each and everyone one of us. I cant fathom pushing meds without a NURSE present. That is a dangerous practice.
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    You did the right thing andI think you did a great job handling the situation. BTW, did the doc need your pt to get up and do jumping jacks as part of his assessment? Not sure why he couldn't do his bit while you were pushing your med.

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