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Mark Klimek's review book?

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    Here's my (small) problem...we are to take the HESI the first week of Jan 2010, and then I can take the NCLEX in March. I have contacted Mark and currently there are no dates being offered in my area before I am to take the HESI. I would like to get Mark's review book because I have heard awesome things about the review class. Would anyone with the book post the ISBN number so I can order it online (and have it early for the HESI)?

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    Don't know the ISBN but googled it and went to - this website has his e-mail address so you could contact him for further info.
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    Class March 19-21 Columbus

    Holiday Inn Columbus/Hilliard
    5495 Maxwell Place
    Columbus, OH 43228

    Rooms available at discount price of $79 per night
    When making reservations, mention Mark’s NCLEX Review
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    I am going to take the March 19-21 review and can let you know then.