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Oh my goodness- I hope to begin an LPN program this summer, (won't know for sure until after the interview on the 21st!). I know that I can handle the vomit, bowel movements, even gross smelly infections. Even blood and guts, I'm... Read More

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    I suggest you read the 'what freaks you out?' thread. It gives a great picture of the stuff that gives every day nurses the 'willies.'

    We all have our 'things' that make us sick to our stomach. Obviously, it didn't stop any of us from becoming nurses. If bugs and stuff are your 'thing,' I'd probably avoid ER or LTC..... Don't worry, you'll be okay.

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    I now know that maggorts are used in Nursing , but I DID NOT KNOW this until I saw a artical in my Nursing Magazine about it and there was a open wound full of maggorts I nearlly threw up.

    So to see it for real I KNOW I would be Sick
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    The one and only time I saw maggots in a wound was 19 years ago as a brand new RN. To the best of my memory a young man was admitted p mva with multiple fx & soft tissue injuries. He had been thrown from the car into the dirt at the sideof the road. After a few days he began complaining about irritation under the dressing on his R hand. The charge nurse saw the maggots :eek,
    called the nursing supervisor who cleaned the wound and called the surgeon. He was not happy that she had removed the maggots , said it was the best thing that could have happened to clean pt's wound.

    If you are interested in the deliberate use of maggots in wound
    care check this link.
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    The UK euphemism is "Larval Therapy" less distressing term NOT!
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    Thanks guys for the websites. I did find out some info that I didnt' know. It does help a little to know a little more about the procedure, but I'm still getting the hibbie jibbies just thinking about it!

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