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Hi, I had a discussion with my mom about her becoming a LPN. She has worked at some nursing homes/hospitals for about 20 years and shes thinking about becoming a LPN. Unfortunately she does not have... Read More

  1. by   coolpeach
    The last actual grade I completed was the 8th grade, and I went back and got my GED at about 30 years old. I took a class in GED math to learn fractions etc, but otherwise did not study any other subject for testing. I not only passed, but I did very well. The science, history, english, and reading were mainly read a passage, and answer the multiple choice questions (the answer is in the paragraph you just read). It was super easy. Even the math was pre high school math (no algebra at all). When I started college I had to take three remedial algebra classes to get to college algebra level even after passing the GED with flying colors. I have now completed my pre reqs, and in my second semester of an RN program.

    If your mother can read well, and do basic math she should be able to pass the GED with no problem. She still may need to take a few remedial courses to be ready for college level work.