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Decade after decade we are subjected to the same images and videos of crying children with bloated bellies. Most of us are long tired or immune to the images and pleas for money. Many may wonder why the situation persists. Some... Read More

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    I think one of the sisters at the compound we were staying said it well: We in the US think the world should live like we do- wasteful, luxurious, consumers of many resources. However, the reality is that if we don't do something to cut back and conserve, we will be living like developing nations. I have to believe that it's the poorest countries there will be wars fought over water- not oil, we won't have oil, but water and food. The riots in Haiti were over sky high rice prices...
    Did you hear that CA has declared state of emergency over drought? Billions in crops won't be grown because they don't have water.
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    What an experience. I have worked in Africa as an Embassy Nurse. I came back to th US to somplete a graduat degree. Can you share your contact information. I am interested in going back as working in anenvironment as such.
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    What a great post! I have yet to fulfill a dream of going to Africa one day to help , this is why I became a nurse...
    I am a foreign educated nurse from Central America where nurses are challenged to still do good old dosage and drip calculations(without pumps) where you are expected to mix your own iv meds(not just call pharmacy for premixed) where you are to handle equipment that it is not disposable for dif. treatments and where there is not such a thing as menus. Yes there's lack of supply but there's also a socialized medical system where everyone without question is helped, I am thankful that it is not as bad as some parts of the world like the one of your post.
    It makes me just sad to hear people complain and take for granted the advantages of working in a developed country. Some complain about burn out and Nurse/pt ratios and I've seen one RN take care of 30+ pts in a med/surg unit with only 4 LVNs and 4 CNAs where effectiveness of working as a team means you get through that day providing safe care to all and where improvising, prioritizing and delegating take full meaning and where there's no luxuries of having IV teams or wound care nurses to do your job. Of course alot of this doesn't even compare to the working conditions of healthcare providers in places like the one you described but it is another example of letting everyone know who lucky we are. I wish alot of people (me included) would take on an experience like the one you had. Thanks for sharing...
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    Thank you so much and all the best to you

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