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  1. I have a current license in Ohio. I am moving to South Carolina August this year for my future husbands job. SO I know that Ohio is not a part of the compact state stuff. I am just confused on what I need to do. I did the verification form online for South Carolina to check my status, now what. Also I am getting married in July! Name change? Ohio also requires license renewal in August. Can I keep both of my licenses?
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  3. by   Reno1978
    Go to SC's Board of Nursing website and look for the RN or LPN (whichever you are) Application for License by Endorsement. There should be everything you need to know to get your South Carolina license.

    You can have licenses in multiple states, so renewing in Ohio in August and getting a SC problem.

    If your name changes in July and you are getting your SC license later, I'd suggest applying to SC with your new name, so long as you have proper identification showing the new name by that time.