License Endorsing....Florida vs. Ohio

  1. Hello everyone,
    My name is Jennifer and I am a new Nursing graduate as of September of this year (2012), in Ohio. It's been something I have looked forward to for what seems like my whole life, and now here I am...a graduate and a member to this site, that has been my go to for multiple questions for so long. So, thanks in advance for responses. This is my question/dilemma: my family and I have packed up our belongings and are ready to move to Florida. The original plan was that I take my NCLEX here in Ohio and the very moment I get that passing score, we hit the road to start anew in FL. My boyfriend is a new EMT/FFII graduate and we are both eager to start our new lives in FL, where my parents live and will help us get on our feet. Once I obtained my Ohio license, which I wanted regardless of where we moved (it's a nice Plan B), we'd move and endorse my license in Florida shortly thereafter. While prepping for the NCLEX, the DON at my school suggested that I just go straight into my Florida license, claiming that it is cheaper and doing otherwise will prolong employment opportunities in the process of waiting for my license to transfer over. The only additional training I have to do is a 2 hour medication errors course online, which I am taking this week.... BUT I already sent my application to the OBN and my all transcripts and BCI/FBI checks have been sent to the OBN as well.... we are well into week 4 of the waiting for my ATT (authorization to test). So recanting my OBN application and sending a new application to FBN would mean an additional 6-8 weeks of waiting. Over the weekend we decided to move to Florida and regardless of what state I test for, it will be taken in, should I wait for my OBN ATT to come through ,test and endorse? Or should I scratch it, and just test for my license in Florida..... please, any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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