Liability Insurance for Curriculum Development

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    After working a dozen years in adult education, I have the opportunity to help do the initial draft for health and safety in a national diploma program for working adults. The work has been exciting using my recently refreshed nursing license and my education background. First, content experts will be responsible for evaluating, editing and reviewing all the work. I am not a content expert.

    My nursing liability carrier will take my money for a consulting rider but not guarantee coverage. Their contact recommended I hunt for a company that offers more specific coverage for "errors and omissions." Does anyone know of such companies or have any information to help with this?

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    No Surrender
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  3. by   Annieh1315
    Do you work directly with your carrier or through a broker? If the former, I would suggest attaining a broker that specializes in medical liabilities and E&O coverage. Depending on where you live, I can make a reccomendation.
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    Hi again,

    I'm working through a carrier and live in Maryland.

    No Surrender
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    Is there a way to PM on this site? I may have a referral for you.
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    Quote from Annieh1315
    Is there a way to PM on this site? I may have a referral for you.
    Once you have posted 15 posts(,one more ! )you will be able to access the PM function of the board.
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    Thank you nightmare!
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    Now you can use the PM function!!:wink2:
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    Yes, I would be interested in the contact information. I don't have enough postings to do a PM apparently.

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