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I saw that there was a levophed shortage. Anyone know why?... Read More

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    On Tues my pts was maxed on neo and was desperate for levo! None in the whole hospital! SUCKS!!!

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    Levophed....leave 'em dead. (toes and fingers, that is)

    I know, I know, that's an OLLLLLDDDD quote.

    For those of you out of neo and/or dopamine as well....YEEEESH! Using epi as a first line? That sucks.

    Nothing wrong with Vaso...if you want to put your patient on dialysis eventually...

    Wasn't aware of the recent propofol shortage...we use Versed + Fentanyl mostly...works like a charm, and hangs around FOREVER......
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    We have been using other pressors. Levo was our fave!

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