last office/precautions in handling dead bodies

  1. i am a nursing student.and i have just start this programme half year ago
    i was assigned in a project to deal with the above learning objective
    since i don't have much clinical experience...
    i don't know what to include..
    would all of you mindtelling me something about that?
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  3. by   talaxandra
    What kinds of things do you need to know?
    The mechanics of the actual practices will vary from country to country, and (I would imagine) from state to state - perhaps even institution to institution.
    Precautions are universal - the same as for living patients.
    Zane Robinson Wolf, dean of nursing at LaSalle, has written a really interesting book which includes a large section of post-mortem nursing care - it's called "Nurses' work - the sacred and the profane"
    Hope that helps a little