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Most of us run away from the dying. I spent 17 years in the ER fighting death. Death was our enemy. We posted statistics on the board at night. ER 5, Death 7. We couldn’t bear to lose a patient. Especially horrific... Read More

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    Thank you Irish!!!! You have inspired me in more ways than you will EVER know!!!! I was thinking about working hospice, I more than likely will in my career. I am also inspired to be greatful and truly thankful for my it is...right now. Even though it is hard at this time, I still have time to get my education, love my family/pets, and just LIVE!!! You are the epitome of a nurse. Great job:bowingpur
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    I'm starting my CNA classes in April. My boyfriend asked what I wanted to do with it. I told him I'd like to work for a hospital or clinic. He asked why I wasn't interested in any of the LTC options. I told him that I'd be all wrong for it. I get too emotionally attatched and working in that environment would break me. He didn't agree. He said that people who are so close to the end have so much to offer. He said that if he were to go into nursing he'd jump on the opportunity to learn from someone in such an interesting phase of life. I didn't get what he was saying until I read this. Thank you for opening my eyes so that I have an opportunity to open my mind
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    Quote from Irish339
    Most of us run away from the dying.... My home has taken on new dimensions for me. I am more willing to stop what Iím doing to listen, really listen, to something one of my kids is telling me. Iíll let someone win a stupid argument. My old couch is comfortable; I can live without a new one. Overtime can go to someone else. I have more important things to do. Important things like hugging my loved ones, and other peoplesí loved ones. I canít keep them from dying, but I can hold their hands and hear them.
    WOW. This is great Irish, no wonder you won!
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    This article has a great message.. amazing job.. thanks for sharing
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    thank you for that touched my heart...
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    Whew....I "feel" the message you wanted to convey. I will share this with my estranged brother and hope that we patch things up . Thank you for this moving, amazing piece...

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