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kardex vs sbar

  1. 0 What do you use to give change of shift report and what do you find more effective?
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    Depends upon the type of nursing. In the ICU, we do a full body system SBAR, with labs, the almighty wish list from the doc, family issues and general patient needs... like social work.

    A small ICU I've just worked at prints a kardex for the patients and both nurses review at the same time (computerized charting), it's redundant, but that's what they do.

    In the ER where I work, computerized charting completely, we pull up each patient and go through a SBAR format, while looking at what orders need to be completed.

    My issue with the kardex, is that the chart is generally not referenced and you only get a he said/ she said, and I miss orders that are pending until midnight chart checks and it is dangerous.

    If the kardex is used with a review of the paper chart and signed off in a shift change than I think this works just fine.

    I have little to no floor or nursing home experience so take my points with a grain of salt if the ICU/step down/ER doesn't apply to your situation, you may have other methods that work best and I respect that.