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According to the Iowa Workforce Development website, for my area in Southeast Iowa, RN and LPN are 2 of the top 10 jobs in demand for this area. However I do not see many advertisements in the paper for jobs. I was wondering do... Read More

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    Virtually all the local positions are online. Nothing in the newspapers, at all. Nothing.

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    I got my job by sending my resume to every facility (nursing home, dialysis, methadone clinics, psych hospitals) literally every facility that would have an LPN working there. My job did NOT advertise any job opening! I would suggest to send your resume by mail to EVERYWHERE within a 25 mile radius regardless if they are hiring or not. Then send them your resume in email/fax, and then a few days after send a thank you letter!
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    Good luck, got family in Keokuk area. I know the area is very hard hit, most of my family gave up on health care and went into quarry and construction work. Try the hospitals, look for telehealth and home health. I'm finding that I've got to think outside the box to find work. Hospitals are the obvious choice but there is more, also look into insurance that would let you work from home. Good luck.
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    Jobs not being advertised is hardly a phenomena limited to nursing. For the three jobs I interviewed for, one was not advertised at all and the other was advertised for an experienced nurse (I was a fresh graduate at the time).

    This is why it pays to network, network, network. Until you land a nursing job, you're in sales. The product is you.
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    I once interviewed for a day position advertisement only to find out"ohh, that must have been a is actually for evenings..are you still interested?"( Really? It has been running for weeks and you didn't know about this?") Yeah...I took it... Also found out looking in the yellow pages and doing "cold calls/faxes" can be helpful..Everybody's getting real cheap these days and don't want to spend the extra to the footwork yourself.
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    i have found (in ohio) that a lot of companies don't post to a newspaper but will have the job posted on their website.

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