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  1. 0 Ok i am a new graduate and I took my boards march 5 and passed... i have been job searching ever since that day.. here in CANTON/AKRON, OH. now everybody says that want someone who has at least 1 years experience! its frustrating because im thinking to myself, how am I going to get experience if I cant get hired anywhere!! i just want to know if there is any place hiring NEW GRADS! sheesh we need love too
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    I feel for you. I was in your position a year ago. My advice is to get mentally prepared for a long process. Get ready to send out tons of resumes and you might need to expand your job search out of the Canton area. Take solace in the fact that you are not the only new grad with this problem.

    Good luck.
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    yea i've got that mentality!! luckliy i already have a job to surpass the lookin for a new one lol! thank you tho! i've been online everyday sending resumes out, applying everywhere.
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    I totally know what you mean! Why didn't anyone tell us this in nursing school?! I mean, no one told me and my classmates it would be so hard...oh well! I got an interview, and hopefully this works out! If not, I have to wait three more months

    Yes, there IS a nursing shortage...but only for experienced nurses!

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    I'm kind of in the same boat. I'm waiting to hear back from an interview for a summer camp nurse, so hopefully that will work out.

    Apply everywhere and anywhere. Even if it's something blah, realize you only have to suffer through it for a year and then you get to move on.
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    I agree. Where are the JOBS. I mean. the boards a big hurdle to overcome and once that is done. NO ONE WANT to HIRE a new grad. I thought clinical was experience, while in school. Job hunting has been so unbearable. Here I have a RN degree no job offer, bill collectors calling and still getting treated a crumy CNA. This is not FAIR!!!

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