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IV Therapy certification questions

  1. 0 Does anyone have any idea what kind of questions are asked for IV certification? We have a practicum on Friday and the pass mark is 90%. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.
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    Weren't you given any materials to read? Ask the instructor!
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    Do all the reading that your instrutor told you to do. Make sure you understood what you were taught. Anything that instructor spent time and energy to teach you, could be on the test. So study, study, study.
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    Consider case senarios of different patient types and fluids you will be hanging... what would you do in those certain situations. Also, during the process of IV placement, what can go wrong and what would you do at that time? What do you look for that are signs that a site has been compromised/infiltrated? Hope this helps!!
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    Bevel up!
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    i just did this so i will tell you what we had to know, yours may be different but it can’t hurt to be prepared with extra knowledge.

    make sure you know all the names of each vein and which ones would be best in each situation, which one you should use if one blows etc. there will undoubtedly be an identify this vein section. also know everything you can about solutions. (ie-hypo/iso/hypertonic) like why you would use each and in what situation. there should also be some stuff about electrolytes, blood products, and possible reactions. then there should be some case study situations.

    also to be a legitimate certification you must have 3 successful sticks observed.

    good luck!