Is it too early to go the MSN/NP route after just a year?

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    I see a lot of people going right into NP programs after just a year working bedside. Why do you think this is?

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    Because most never wanted to be inpatient bedside nurses in the first place. Being an NP is the plan of many people as they enter nursing school ... but they have to get some actual nursing experience before they can be accepted into many NP programs.

    It's a shame that's the way the system is ... it creates horrible turnover on those hospital units ... but that's the way it is.
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    Personally, I think 1 year is too short a time to begin an NP program. I think NPs are unique in the way that they practice because of their nursing experience. I don't think you can't be an awesome NP student just because you only have 1 year of experience (by the time someone completes the program, they've been a nurse a couple more years if they've kept working), but I think it makes sense to have more time. In my first year of nursing, I spent more time working on managing time, learning meds, organizing, etc. More experience has given me more time to gain understanding of disease processes, diagnostic tests, and other things that are helpful to bring into an NP program. Just my opinion.
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    I say go for it! The NP & the bedside RN are 2 completely separate roles. They do not have the same job description. I'm in year 2 of a BSN to DNP program. So far being an RN has given me critical thinking skills. I will not be cleaning foleys, dropping NGs, or any of the other floor skills!

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