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Scrubs to an interview. I have an interview in a couple days and I was wondering. The last interview I went to, there was a lady in solid blue scrubs and a white jacket. She looked so very... Read More

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    I wouldnt. I was always told to dress professional, simple & clean... Not too much makeup or perfume, hair neatly pulled back or down if done nicely, and simple accessories. I also do not think coming from work or on lunch break should be an exception either. I'm a fairly recent new grad who worked as a CNA.. When I had interviews after or during shifts I always made sure to bring a change of clothing. The managers always seemed impressed by it & commented on it. It takes all in about 5 min to change. The poster above me is right.. In the end, it is a professional position, your CAREER. Can you imagine if all jobs that had uniforms wore their work attire... it'd be very unprofessional and actually a little funny haha Good luck on your interview by the way!
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    Dress for the interview, not the job
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    i definitely agree about not wearing scrubs.
    but if you must, at least top it with a clean, pressed lab coat...
    and make sure your shoes/sneakers are not soiled, clean nails, combed hair...
    followed with an apologetic and brief explanation as to why you're wearing scrubs.

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    I think this would be appropriate with advanced notice to the interviewee that you will be coming from/going directly to work and will be wearing your scrubs. Otherwise, I would say dress in formal wear.
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    Noooooooooooooooooo, Neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    If you go to an interview directly after work bring your dress clothes and ask where you can change. Chances are you'll be told you're fine in your scrubs, but you still made a good impression.
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    Wear professional wear.

    You have a set up interview (not a career fair interview).

    Neat and tidy hair. Clean and trimmed nails. No loud makeup or jewelry or perfume. Leave the scrubs for when you are working.
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    Quote from tainted1972
    Personally I think that scrubs are a good idea.
    As nurses we are professionals, on the job we are expected to dress professionally and that means wearing scrubs. So why would it be any different during an interview? If I wear scrubs to an interview I am showing the interviewer that I know how to dress appropriately on the job.
    I would feel more confident and more comfortable wearing scrubs anyway.
    Dress for the interview-not the job.

    Do you think any surgeons interview in their scrubs for a new position with a surgical group??
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