Interview tomorrow for my first job but have vacation in March!

  1. I have an interview tomorrow for my first nursing job. I want the job very much and I think my chances are really good. The problem is I have a vacation planned (family reunion in Florida, I go every year) the last week of March. I have no plans to bring this up in the interview process. My plan is if/when they call to offer me the job I am going to say, "Yes. I accept the offer. Before we finalize everything I do want to let you all know I have a prescheduled trip from X date to Y date. I am very excited about this job though and if the trip is going to be a problem in me taking this position then I will figure something else out with the trip"

    I'm nervous - I want the job! I hate to miss my family vacation though of course I will miss it if it's the only way to take the job.....

    Does my plan sound good? Or is it risky???
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  3. by   Been there,done that
    Most offers are contingent on any plans for future needs you designate. They will ASK you if you need any time off before the start date.
    If this is not the case with this offer.. you will need to weigh the pro and cons of the offer.

    Good luck, keep us posted.