International rn needs help!

  1. Hi! I need help from you guys! I graduated bsn in the Philippines last 2010. I am currently residing here in the bay area. I haven't taken my NCLEX yet. I want to explore other career options. Can you give me knowledge on this matter. What other medical job opportunities am i qualified for? I know I can be a cna or lvn. I hope you can help me. Thanks!
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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    You cannot work as a LVN unless you are licensed as a LVN. You would have to apply to CABVNPT for licensing by examination and pass the requirements and the NCLEX-PN.

    CNA you would have to apply to challenge the certification exam.

    Aside from unlicensed caregiver or hospital ward clerk there are not too many healthcare jobs you could work with out additional education, certification, or licensing
  4. by   anyas
    Thank you so much justbeachynurse! How about like a medical asst?