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Thought others might like to read this too. According to this many of the nurses on here are right. There is a shortage. Most hospitals are just making due with less nurses to save money. Why... Read More

  1. by   wifeandmomoftwo
    Quote from Kurt_W
    LOL! "hundreds of thousands, every year"? California graduated 9,580 in total, in 2008. Considering CA is the most populous state in the union by far, you have a loooong way to go to justify such a wild claim.
    source: (California Institute for Nursing and Health Care cited)

    Research is your friend: - lots of fantastic data therein, directly addressing the nursing "situation" America is in.

    Bitter much? The facts can be found in the preceding link, but the bottom line is that there is both a shortage *and* a recession - thus, current nurses get overworked and new ones, though needed, cannot be hired due to budget constraints in lots of areas. However, even the OP's reference cites job openings for those willing to relocate, in addition to the AACN link I posted offering the same observation.

    Current nursing employment opportunities are not all peaches-and-cream, as some would like, but nor are they doom-and-gloom, as apparently some others would like.

    I agree!
  2. by   vegas2009

    I don't need to look at stats to tell me what career choice I should get.

    I admit, I do look though. But, I don't base my decisions solely on them. I talk to people who are in the profession. Or to people who know people who are in the profession.

    California is only one state of many. California is also one of the few states who actually PAY their nurses well, compared to the rest.

    I'm not saying I shouldn't go into nursing, but I have to be realistic of what my expectations are. Honestly, it takes a long time to just work on those pre-reqs, and finally getting into A nursing school.

    Then, spend all that $, time, and effort.... hopefully graduate and pass the NCLEX and NOT be able to get a job! Many people I know are in that boat since last year and this year. Only a few get hired.

    Nursing schools, nursing associations, etc., will tell people the same thing over and over again (Nursing shortage claim). But, it's just like everything else in life.... people will tell you whatever they want to tell you. But, it doesn't mean that they're true! In some cases, if ANY of it is true! Many people would have to re-think the nursing profession nowadays, seriously.

    To work so hard/harder just to get that degree, pass the NCLEX, pay all the fees just to get licensed and to NOT even get some kind of work afterwards?

    In this economy, yes --- it is asking a lot. On top of that, a number of nursing schools are still keeping their restraints. Nursing students go through a lot, literally jump through hoops while in nursing school. I'm not saying, they shouldn't. To go through all that, and not even qualify to get "trained" while being hired afterwards? I don't know anymore. I think I need a long vacation