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Info Needed about Nephrovite

  1. 0 does anyone know what nephrovite is exactly? i cannot find any information about it in my drug book. i am assuming it is an antianemic vitamin for renal patients but, i am not sure. if anyone could tell me the classification, action, and considerations or point me to a website where i can look it up i would appreciate it.
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    nephrovite is a multivitamin taken by most renal patients.

    its use is: "supplement for use in the wasting syndrome in chronic renal failure, uremia, impaired metabolic functions of the kidney, dialysis; labeled for otc use as a dietary supplement"

    click on the link below for more information

    hope this helps!!
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    hehe,,,,i was just looking this vitamin up myself.......not in the drugbook......i did a day at the renal ctr today....very very i have to look up the most common meds used......i really like the renal ctr....i think i could work there......alot to leran,for sure!!