I think I made A Med Error - page 2

I had a patient the other night who had IV depakote ordered for 24 hours. I checked the pyxis and the patients medication bin and there was no IV depakote to be found. I even checked the main pyxis... Read More

  1. by   GooeyRN
    Don't beat yourself up. You made a mistake. I haven't met a nurse who hasn't made one. Thankfully, the pt wasn't harmed. You learned. You won't do that again. We also call someone to get us the med if it is not available. We do our best to give meds that are scheduled for a certain time. If we can't get the med, we have to call the doc and request something that we CAN get. So I don't look down on you for calling around to see if you could get the med to give as scheduled. You did the right thing by reporting your error to the charge/sup. You know better now to look something up quick if you aren't familiar. 7pts is a lot when you are a new grad (one being an admit), I understand how it happened.