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Being a nurse for just 7 days on the floor, is it normal that I cried on my way home at 2 am? I don't know, I can't explain all the emotions. My first time to have a patient died on my shift last night...It was sad, I saw the... Read More

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    who wouldn't be affected by one of life's most intimate and humbling moments?
    i tend to worry about those who aren't (affected), esp in beginning of nsg career.

    in time, you will find your own coping mechanisms.
    nsg will test our emotional endurance from hereon in...
    so be good to yourself in the meantime.

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    Totally normal. Hang in there.
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    I can remember a time when a patient to whom I had gotten very attached died. I came home from work and sat down and cried.

    My son, who was five at the time, came up and asked what was wrong and I told him a patient died. He patted me and said, don't feel so bad, mom, I know you did the best you could.

    I know YOU did the best you could, too. Sometimes all you can do is be there. It was good your patient had you.
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    Thank you to all the replies...you are all awesome.
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    Why would it be wrong to cry, a fellow human being expired, and although he is in a better place it is still a sad occasion... Nurses are Human too! If you didn't feel sad, I'd be worried.

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