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I need to take an ACLS course for my position in the ICU & the facility offers two- one is a two day comprehensive course and the other is a refresher course for those who have been ACLS certified-... Read More

  1. by   Zookeeper3
    You MUST know the lethal rhythms, 3rd degree block, vfib, vtach, and how to pace brady with symptoms. Asystole and PEA is the same thing, only you try to find out the "H"'s of the cause of PEA.

    Once you know this... look listen, feel... the basics then two minutes of CPR long before epi is pushed. Just call vasopressin and you're good for 20 minutes.

    ACLS is no longer the chemistry expirament it used to be, keep with the basics, stay on the chest for two minutes, pulse and rhythm check, switch compressors and treat the rhythm at the 2 minute mark.

    Do not make this difficult, it may be foreign, but ask an ACLS teacher to walk you through if this is new to you.