How safe do you feel you are from catching infectious diseases?

  1. First of, I apologize if this question seems odd. I have asked something similar in another context but I would like to get more info...

    I also want to mention that I am perfectly aware that I will be in contact with bodily fluids, etc. I'm fine with that.

    I am struggling with a slight case of ocd though and wondering how I will manage. It's not bad, but I do put more thought into removing whatever I feel "contaminated" my skin then others probably do.

    This can be good but I am also a bit scared. I keep reading stories about nurses catching things like mrsa, scabies and other things and it's a bit terrifying to me. Sure, you're going to be exposed to things but if you are careful is it preventable?

    I hope I worded my question right and it's not misunderstood.
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  3. by   Aly529
    Anyone? Please? Your is greatly appreciated.
  4. by   GARN912
    For the most part I feel protected. If you get your vaccinations, follow your standard precautions, isolation protocols when needed, and use your PPEs, you have the best protection possible. You do have to keep in mind there are a ton of times you will be exposed without knowing it to things like TB, flu, etc before these people are put on isolation...but you are probably exposed to these things when you walk through a grocery store too. Just be as careful as you possibly can be.
  5. by   JennyRNy
    You do your best but short of never touching someone else you run the risk. Follow PPE, wash your hands a lot, gloves when touching anything in pt room. Do your best, but theres no guarantee.
  6. by   VivaLasViejas
    I've always been fanatical about handwashing and PPE, but earlier in my career I had MRSA cellulitis three different times plus C. diff. However, not only did I work through it all, I think my immune system was stronger than most because it was challenged so many times by being in contact with sick folks.

    Heck, from about my third year in nursing until I was dx'd w/ diabetes last winter, I rarely had so much as a case of sniffles, even when all those around me were dropping like flies with colds, flu, double-enders, whatever was going around. Now I do catch cold more frequently than I used to, but except for the bronchitis that flattened me back in April, I still hardly ever miss a day's work. I think staying well is mostly made up of attitude, but some of it is being exposed to so many illnesses and building up immunity.......and yes, some of it is good old dumb LUCK.