How does Sioux Culture differ from Navajo Culture, or white culture?

  1. I have worked in the past on the Navajo and Apache reservations. In some ways, it was a bit of a culture shock, but still a good experience.

    Lately, I have felt the South Dakota reservations calling my name, which is predominantly Sioux from what I understand. Does anyone have any experience with the tribes in this area? What can I expect in terms of cultural differences?
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  3. by   wacondo
    I just started on the Ogalla reservation in Pineridge, Have worked for Indian Health service for years-on the Whitemountain apache rez, and in Santa Fe for the 8 northren Pueblo,638-Omaha tribe and Ponca.
    I can tell you this- all IHS is NOT the SAME.
    Ther is alot of mismanagement here, nurses are not valued and most of the DOCs like 99.9% are Locums from Puerto Rico, I am not saying they are not good Docs , they are. Ther is no ER doc. Some are from around here-they are as old as dirt.
    This is like something I've never seen.
    That being said-The Ogalla need committed nurses,who understand proverty and want to work. Housing is great if you can get it. They pay is good as all fed pay +benefits-believe me you work hard for it here!
    I turned down coming here as they had no housing for me. They called pack and asked if I would come if the could provide housing. I said yes and here I am. They gave me a great duplex-CHEAP-rent. I work in the ER. Much trouble there that I was not informed of. They are trying hard to strighten it up.
    I thought Whiteriver was a violent place. This outshines. We see the poorest of the poor. I guess its reflected in the apathy of the staff.
    I'm pretty tough in that area and its my thing-nursing this population. That being said the Politics are horrid, nurses in the ER are good nurses but very apathic.
    The beauty of the land is something else. Most places to shop is 50 miles away.
    Love for you to come here. We need you. Telling the truth.
  4. by   wacondo
    -The Sioux people are friendly, alot of traditional people, not much signifacant difference from any rez.
    Remember you are caring for the poorest of the poor. More universal then cultural differences between tribes. Art work is different, Navajo's have the Tourqoius and sand, Apaches the burden baskets and Crown dancers and the Sioux, Beautiful beadwork and quill + paintings.
  5. by   zephyr9
    I'm starting nursing school in September.
    I am a nomad who got washed up in the inner city during hard times.
    When I graduate, I want to get out to the country again. I'm thinking maybe on/near a res.
    I applied for the federal NSP scholarship where you have to commit to two years of working in a medically underserved area. Hearing about the housing crunch in the Dakotas, I wish I would have highlighted in my essay that I have experience and am quite happy living in a motor home and even more rugged than that.
    I'm glad to have found this thread and I'm gonna keep on reading Indian issues MORE, and the NSP scholarship thread, where everyone is obsessing about the wait for an decision, LESS.
    Thanks all!