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The soap and waterless hand sanitizer they provide at my workplace is not getting along so great with my hands. They are usually rough and sometimes even red from washing so much. I've never tried a soap that didn't do this, by... Read More

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    Eucerin Plus Intensive Repair cream - my hands were cracked, bleeding and burning, and this stuff and them soft again in less than 2 days.

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    "Ohh, I love the Mary Kay Satan Hands kit too."

    Not tryin to poke fun, but that typo is too funny!!!


    Hhhmmm...there sure are some days I wish I had Satan Hands!!!
    JK...only reserve that for a coworker or two and maybe a boss....
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    Utter cream with gloves over night.
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    I like suave (daily use) or anything with lanolin in it. I then use a thick foot cream at night with socks over my hands to prevent clothes from being ruined.
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    I also swear by bag balm / udder cream (the real stuff, from the feed store).

    As an aside, If you want really strong nails get a product called Hoofmaker cream that is made for horse's hooves. I have horses and when I used this I always applied it with my bare left hand, as I am a lefty. I quickly noticed a HUGE difference between the nails on my left hand and those on my right, both in length and strength. It softens cuticles too. It comes in a plastic jar that will last you forever if you are using it for yourself - you could easily share it with several friends.

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