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Nursing school is a serious challenge for most everyone. After reading so, so many posts here about the tough issues mothers deal with, my heart goes out to the moma's challenges I read about . I really, reallllly don't... Read More

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    this is one instance in which i believe in the power of prayer. ("dear lord, please, please, please let this next daycare i see be safe/clean/affordable!")

    that, and being willing to impoverish yourself temporarily for the good of the long-term. i paid one half of my pre-tax income for child care for three years, and it was the best investment i ever made.
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    Not to discourage, but I would never be able to do it without my husband. We have a 5 yr old, 2 yr old, and 5 month old. I work nights, and he works from home and travels 2-3 days per week. I'm able to self schedule, and he travels on my days off. They go to daycare 3 days per week. It's very difficult because there are many hours working shifts in a hospital that most daycare hours do not cover. Nannies are great, but you're right, they are very expensive. And as a personal preference, I would not want anyone except my husband or a family member to be with my kids overnight. I hope that your friend can get something worked out, but it will be extremely difficult without a lot of family support. Especially on a new grad budget.
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    Thanks everyone - so many great people here who take the time to share info and experiences. Yup, I think it is going to be more than a little complex for her to do this, though she is no stranger to working hard. I admire her.

    For myself, my children are older, my Significant Other is super supportive and we have family as well as friends not far away.
    What I don't see is how Nurses whose children are in sports etc figure that out. When mine were younger and involved in activities/clubs/lessons I was able to be with them as needed and later I worked straight days, weekends off.

    How would you get just one 9 year old to and from football - practices, away games, regular home games, etc etc. if you have to work three 12's?? Wouldn't you be gone when they need to get ready for school and then they get home from school by 3 pm-ish and you still wouldn't be home if you were working three 12's of a day schedule. The other two shifts would put you home for one end or the other, but not available for taking them to practices etc. And what about that first six months to a year when its common to have to put some extra time in for charting etc til you get experience and get more efficient and proficient at your job. Even if you have just two children and they are only involved in one sport each or after school activity, it could take some extraordinarily creative plan B's, C's and Z's :spin:.

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