How do I renew my RN license (first time)???

  1. Hi everyone,

    This is my very first time to renew my license by April 2012. I am so confused. In particular, Florida requires 24 hours of CEU's. How do I submit any CEU's to the health department for them to keep a record. Where should I get CEU's from? Should I began to do CEU's now before its closer to my license expiration? I'm very confused about this process please help?
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  3. by   camarogirl512
    I am not sure about Florida, but in California the first time you renew (which is the month after your next birthday) you do not need to compete and CEU's. You usually can find this information on the BRN's website. As far as the health department keeping track of CEU's, here you have to keep track of yourself and if they ask for proof (or audit you) you must show it to them. Sometimes they do not. If you are in doubt call the board and ask them for clarification. Hope this helps.

    Edit: Just looked at the Florida's Nursing Website and it is not as clear as California's. You probably should call and clarify or if another nurse here has any info.
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  4. by   merlee
    CEU's are everywhere - - in journals, online, at conferences.

    As stated above, contact your BON for clarification.
  5. by   SpaceCoastRN
    A nice easy way to submit your CEUs with with the website once you subscribe to their service most CEU vendors will automatically upload to them and the State of Florida can check it directly. Personally for my CEUs to just get them over with including the Florida specific CEUs I used the website and they uploaded to CEbroker. Also when you log into CE broker and click on transcript it will tell you when you are compliant with your requirements. During my first renewal cycle I had no CEU requirements so check with the BoN or log into CEbroker and it will show you also.
  6. by   linsmirn
    Subscribe to and they keep track of the classes you completed. Go to and pay 19.99 one flat fee for one year and take all the CE courses you need. Its approved by florida and within 2 weeks it will be posted on your account. Dont go paying $20 for each class somewhere else. It may sound too good to be true but you will find all this information on the florida BON website and you can check the CEbroker website. The CEU's are so easy Ive already have 23 hrs. On your day off go to and you can honestly do 5 or more a day and be done within days.
  7. by   RNChristy
    I live in Fla. and if I remember right, the first time for renewal, you do not need any CEUs. It has been a while for me though. Check with BON. I agree with others about CE Broker. Your CEUs are recorded there for you and the state to see. There are many CEU pages online. I personally use and the courses are approved for Florida. Good luck!!