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Hello, please help! I don't want to work in a hospital. I would rather work in a doctor's office or even a nursing home due to the hours. I can't work 12 hour shifts. Please tell do I find out how to apply to a RN... Read More

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    Thank you for all your advice and insight everyone! Cebuana I understand the pay is significantly less than a hospital but I think there are a lot of positives to compensate for that as long as you don't mind the pay cut. For me personally, I don't have a choice right now as I am a single mom and I don't have anyone to watch my daughter when I would do 12 hour shifts, every other weekend, and every other holiday!!

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    Cakegirl -- Do you like working in a nursing home? Can you tell me if the pay is lower or higher than in a hospital? What does your job include there? I used to work in a nursing home and I loved it (as an aide). I happen to really like the I am interested in this. Please let me know if you can
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    It's not necessarily less money. Hospital based clinics are exactly like doctor's offices, but he title and pay scale are the same as hospital. Look for these jobs on hospital websites. I've been told by recruiters that these are actually difficult jobs to fill.

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