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  1. Hey Everybody,

    I'm a nursing student who was lucky enough to find a position in a hospital. This morning I interviewed and was offered the position. I'm excited because they will pay for school, insurance, vacation, pto, etc.
    I'm wondering what they do exactly? I'm familiar with various roles in the hospital but I've never heard of a hospital attendant.
    The interviewer asked me if I would be okay taking bodies to the morgue. She also said I would be required to respond to every code. I can't figure out why I would be needed for codes.

    My goal is to learn a lot. Will this position give me some perspective on nursing as a career?

    Is it similar to a nurse's aid?

    Could anyone offer any information?

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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Sounds like the job might be morgue attendant, hence perhaps the reason to respond to codes is that many do not survive a code situation. I know some facilities felt that the term "morgue attendant" "morgue assistant" or "autopsy assistant" were too dark terms so created euphemistic job titles like "environmental services" instead of "house keeping" and thus "hospital attendant".

    Is this the position you applied for or simply the one that you were offered? You can check the facility website to see if they have the hospital attendant position listed online and see the job description. Even if you already accepted the position there is no harm in asking HR for a copy of the job description so that you are familiar with the expected duties assigned.
  4. by   Simply Complicated
    I agree, is this a position that was posted online? You should be able to get a copy of your job description.

    But it does sound like a chance to observe things anyways. Going to codes, you can see what happens, how things are handled, etc. Plus if they will help pay for education, that is a great opportunity.