Home Health Care and Specialized Nursing Fee Schedule

  1. I am wanting to start a specialized home health care agency in MN, where I provide specialized nursing care. Where can I find the medicare fee schedule for this? I.e fee per service? I understand there are many other factors involved with this, I'd like to find out as much as I can!!

    Thanks in advance
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  3. by   nurseprnRN
    Your first stop is the state dept of health that licenses home health agencies. However, if you are an RN, there's a great deal you can do as an independent practitioner, even without an APRN license; the BoN will help you there, too. Get malpractice insurance and business insurance (NSO and HPSO are good), an accountant (really-- s/he will save you so much time and money filing your quarterly estimated taxes and such), and an attorney.

    You can buy a book called Medical Fees in the US by PMIC that gives all the costs of everything, including home health stuff and procedures you could bill for, on Amazon ,and a CPT code book if you will be billing anyone like insurance or Mcare. Mcare has very specific criteria for who can bill them, too-- consider private pay if their regs are too onerous.

    There's a nursing entrepreneur forum around here that has a lot of good advice for people wanting to start a business-- ask the mods to shift this discussion over there.
  4. by   Ellie S.
    Thank you!