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Please let me know if this is a violation: I had a patient who I also knew casually. She and my sister participated in a competition which she won. I did not have her email so I asked a friend for it... Read More

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    Giving other people information about patients is what would be the violation, not what you did. IF you tell your friend more about the former patient, that would be a violation, if what you tell is something about her being a patient.

    So, in my opinion, you didn't violate HIPAA (I get confused about how many P's and A's that has), but you might have violated a bit of professionalism. On the other hand, she was an acquaintance before she was a patient and you were making a nice gesture toward someone you knew.

    This doesn't seem to be a whole lotta kernels on the corncob of life.

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    I'm still not sure why you couldn't ask your sister to congratulate her...& I wonder, why is your friend soooo nosy & so obsessed with your life? And finally, I agree with the poster who said third persons shouldn't be asked for (or give out emails) unless it is a matter of urgency.
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    Quote from gentlegiver
    It is for this reason that I do not ask for or give out my email, cell phone, or accept/ask for Facebook info. My patients are my patients, and when they go home, my interaction with them is complete (unless they end up back in my unit). If I see them in a public setting it is for them to approach me to say hello, I will not initiate a conversation. Too many people would see any of the above as an intrusion.
    She already knew her from the outside, though.

    I don't think you did anything wrong. But you are worried, so don't do it again.

    Don't bring it up to the patient/friend, don't apologize. If you do, you might get her to start thinking to sue you or complain about you or something. Just let it be.

    And tell your nosy "friend" to back off if she bothers you about it again. She sounds insecure and jealous. What part of "friend" and "can't tell you" does he or she not get? Give no explanations. Just avoid this "friend" for a while.
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    BTW - tell the friend it is none of her business "why"

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