Helping prevent the spreading of germs

  1. Saw a little girl today with very cute arm bands on. Her mom said they help remind her to sneeze into her elbow. Said she got them at Thought it was a pretty good idea.
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  3. by   tyvin
    I was at a mall yesterday and as this family were passing me the kid coughed really hard and made no attempt to cover his mouth or cough into his elbow. So after quick careful consideration I looked at the 7 something kid as he passed me and said next time you cough like that, cough into your elbow; and then I did a quick clown like gross demonstration. He laughed and smiled at me. I think he got the message.

    Well the mom looked at me with an intense glare and continued on without saying anything to me or her kid. I hope he got the message but if the parents aren't encouraging their kids how are they going to know?

    I know the schools have things in place that they also teach public health. Also there are many parents who are up on the latest techniques about stopping the spread of infection.
  4. by   ms1414
    LOL. Good for you.

    I say whatever works is worth it! And she was very proud to show me the arm bands too.