Help With Loan Repayment?

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    Is anyone here aware of any programs or companies/health care systems that offer help with student loan repayment? I'm a master's-level nurse, currently working full-time, but just barely earning enough to cover my payments on loans from graduate school. I know that I can request to temporarily lower my monthly payments, but I am already worried about how long it might take me to pay them off, plus, I would like to back to school for an NP, and that would mean that I'd have to take out even more loans. I live in Massachusetts, but I am considering going back to IL at the end of the year.

    Any suggestions?



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    Check into the Veterans Administration hospitals, I believe that they offer some form of student loan repayment.
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    Yeah, the VA and military is about it. Most hospitals stopped their incentive programs due to having plenty of applicants. I can relate if that makes you feel better. My loan payments are more than two car payments put together.
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    I also feel your pain. I am paying $1,200 per month. I suggest you look at opportunities with the Indian Health Service. In addition, Google the Nursing Education Loan Repayment Program. GOOD LUCK!

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