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Help With Gigu

  1. 0 Can any one give me some advises how to study for GIGU?
    I just started and it is so hard and we get a lot of homework.
    Please Help!!!!
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    what is gigu?
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    What is gigu?

    Butts and guts!
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    Study groups are very helpful, review your class notes. Rewrite pertinent info on flash cards and use them. Read what you are supposed to read and take notes on what you read. I remember the Learning Process goes something like this, hear it, read it, write it, say it, use it, teach it and it is yours for life. The teaching part happens when in study groups, something which you understand you can explain to another student.
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    Quote from 1776patriot
    What is gigu?

    Butts and guts!
    ha! I thought it was a name of some weird test.

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