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I'm hoping to get some advice from some of the awesome nurses here. I'm very new, and not even in nursing school... yet... and am doing a ton of research online. Here's my short story: :D I'm a young male chiropractor, and... Read More

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    I would look into the pro's/con's of both situations. But I like you already have a batchelor's degree, I also have 50k in loans still from my first degree, not to mention mortgage etc.. so going to school full time is not an option for me. I'm currently enrolled in a ADN program that will last me 2 years and only cost about 8k total. All of the BSN programs i looked at were around 30k, and required me to be full time. Maybe in your area you could find a BSN program that doesn't require full time, but I could not.

    The other advantage I found was that almost all the Masters Nursing programs I looked at only required the RN + Bachelors degree to enroll, and the Bachelor's did not need to be Nursing. So I am basically saving myself 20 grand doing it this way, plus I will be able to work through school, and be able to get a job an RN while I work toward my masters.

    It sound's like you are in a similar situation, so something similar may work for you.
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    Quote from Heidi the nurse
    Here is a link to the loan forgiveness program:

    Of course it is a government program so there is a chance funding may go away, but I was pleased to find most of my state is considered underserved. There is also a tab for grants - haven't had a chance to look though it yet, but I do believe there are grants out there available too.
    Thanks for the link. I was only aware of the forgiveness though the Income Based Repayment Plan (IBR), but this is extremely helpful too. It's nice to know there's many different ways to get some help
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    Quote from Trilldayz,SN
    OMG how coincidental!! My classmate is a chiropractor!! We are both graduating this week actually. He is becoming an RN also for an eventual NP degree for the very same reason as you. He is in his 50s though so he didn't have to have a bachelors when he started (he started young too). He plans to work on an orthopedic med/surg floor, as a matter of fact, before going for his FNP (which suits him fine lol). He said that it's becoming somewhat harder to practice as a chiropractor now these days and he wanted an avenue to help enhance his practice. These days, the BSN seems to be the more marketable degree, so I would recommend that route. My classmate goes to school and works part time at his chiropractic office. He knows of a few practitioner programs that have a route for chiropractors. I will ask him to give you the names if you are interested (and if you would like to ask him for advice, he's always willing to help!). He works really hard in class (and was an awesome tutor, especially with those dreaded musculoskeletal exams! ) and would give me *free* adjustments LOL. Chiropractors in nursing are a great asset! Good Luck to you. (Ooh, and definately look at the previous posters Loan Forgiveness link!)
    If you don't mind asking him about the programs, that would be awesome. (I'd PM you, but I'm not allowed to yet for some reason, ha )

    I did know of one or two of the chiropractic to NP routes, but they seemed a little sketchy, if that makes any sense. If I want to do this, I HAVE to do it right. Totally has to be accredited 100%.

    But anyways, thanks for your enthusiasm. It feels great knowing that it can be done and I'm not alone.

    And I'll probably give my classmates and future co-workers some adjustments Fantastic stress reliever and way to deal with difficult patients.