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I work in a LTC facility on the night shift. I have a CNA that complains about everything. The first 3 hours of my 8 hour shift consist of listening to her moan and groan about everything and everyone. On a daily basis she flat... Read More

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    Quote from nursejent245
    If I spent my night "writing her up" for the things she did or refuses to do, I would spend my whole shift doing write ups...
    That is your job. If she intimidates you and you are afraid to write her up, then that is what needs to be addressed first. A team is only as strong as it's charge nurse. You owe it to the residents that depend on you for their well being to not allow this type of behavior to continue. Counsel this woman about the inappropriateness of her negativity in front of the residents. When she is insubordiante, WRITE HER UP! Until you utilize the methods of disciplinary action available to you to handle these situations, then it will continue to be partly your fault.
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    write her up. she is breaking the rules and you are permitting her to do it. eventually, other cnas are going to follow suit and you will have more than just her being insubordinate. if you don't have the time to write her up at work, then do it at home and take the write up in the next day in a sealed envelope and slip it under the dons office door. i used to do this all the time. the don cannot do anything without written documentation. but let me point out that if a patient fell, you would make time to take care of business with them. the "never had time" excuse doesn't hold a lot of water in retrospect when these cnas are standing in front of the bosses to account for some eventually outrageous thing they have done that results in an injury to a patient. and you will feel horrible when you realize that "if only" you had taken some time to write them up you might have prevented a future patient from being hurt or mistreated by them.

    when i worked in ltc i learned that writing these kinds of cnas up only needed to happen once or twice. after having to be counseled by the don theses cnas get embarrassed or very aggravated and they broadcast their visit with the don to all their buddies if they have any. the smart cnas take note and learn not to copy the behavior. often these troublemakers end up getting written up again and end up quitting or getting fired.

    please realize that failing to discipline her or follow the facility rules of discipline is failing to perform your own job responsibilities as a charge nurse. so, just as she is breaking the rules, so are you.

    a student was worried and asking about this on the student forums yesterday:
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    From a personal perspective, I have heard many times that someone does not "have time" to document what is happening or going wrong. As a DON, I always explain that I have to have it in writing. Otherwise, if I am the one documenting what you tell me it is not a first person account.

    As for my facility, our disciplinary track is to give a verbal warning, first written, second written, suspension and then termination. If it is insubordination, it calls for immediate dismissal. In subordination means that they "never" did what they were told to do; not that they were just slow in doing it.

    Many times, I hear things through the grapevine of problems with staff and when i start asking questions, no one will actually admit to there being a problem. My recourse is there is nothing i can do at that point unless someone steps up to say something.

    I will and do go in on the night shift when I hear that something is going on. I also start my day at 5:30 in the morning just so that i can see the employees that work that shift and let them know that i do acknowledge them and appreciate their work.

    Again, the paperwork needs to be there to prevent the employer from losing with an unemployment case or union matter.
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