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I've recently had to train and supervise two of my friends at work. I thought it would be great having my mates working with me but it has turned out to be a 12 week nightmare. :( For example, they need supervision as they... Read More

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    Quote from diane227
    You need to take a basic management course... etc
    Wow! That's brilliant, Diane - so succinct and yet so comprehensive. I am taking a copy of this! Thank you.
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    As I have mentioned before. . . I'm from a small town. So yes, many of the CNA's working under me are friends of mine. Some have even trained me when I was just a new CNA. At first there was many many issues with this, but not so much anymore. I do my best to treat everyone the same. I try to keep work and social life seperate, even though 80% of the many friends I do have in my life work with me.
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    Thanks for all your advice.

    I love the idea of taking a basic management course. The hospital runs free courses each year and I'm fairly certain that they have something along these lines.