Has anyone heard of Breyer State University?

  1. forgive me if this isn't the right place to post this, but i just did a search and got less than satisfying results... so:
    [font="arial black"]has anyone heard of, or had any experience with breyer state university?
    they seem really affordable and career-friendly for an rn-bsn. alot of online reviews i read said that a degree from there is not well recognized, but they all seemed to be talking about mba and phd's. just wondering if anyone here has a bsn from there, and if so do you find that nursing employers recognize it?
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  3. by   itsmejuli
    Did you google Breyer State University? Check out what Wikipedia has to say, there are citations. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Breyer_State_University

    And check this out...Breyer State is not accredited by any agency according to their own website at this link http://www.breyerstate.com/accreditation.htm
  4. by   jessicanursing
    Hi Toranado, I've heard of them, and am currently a student. The programs are very educational, as they should be, and the professors extremely helpful. They've currently been licensed in Panama also: see http://breyerstate.com/contact-information.html