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I'm doing H1N1 shots and am constantly using hand sanitizer or washing my hands with soap and water. The skin between my fingers is burning and peeling. I've tried using moisturizer a few times a day... Read More

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    I like the Gold Bond Ultimate. It really heals the cracking palms and in between my fingers. I keep a tube with me at work, and lather it on at night before bed.
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    Medline Remedy Skin Repair Cream is awesome. It's a lotion that you apply a couple times a day. It has more dimethicone than gloves in a bottle. It also has aloe, water soluble and fat soluble vitamin c compounds, vitamin a, d, e, zinc, and tons of aminos. It completely got rid of hand sanitizer ickiness for me (and yes, that is the technical term ). We were using for bedsores when i figured out how much it helped my hands. Good luck!
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    for the flu clinic scenario, double glove and change the outer ones only between patients. Washing the inner ones between as if you were washing your hands.
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    i have the same problem.. i get a bright red rash on my hands and fingers and burns like h*ll!! they tried to tell me that "its just dry skin" at work, but i cannot tolerate their foam. i carry my own little bottle of GermX gel in my pocket and i bought a large bottle too that i keep in my locker as a refiller.... probably illegal for me to do, but Im not going to have my hands seriously looking like raw hamburger!! i also use Burt's Bees hand repair lotion . its got a yummy almond smell and works great! you can find it pretty much anywhere. it expensive, but a little bit does a long way
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    Another fan of the Gold Bond Ultimate, it has also worked better on my daughter's eczema than her prescription cream.

    I keep lotion with me and use it after I have washed my hands.
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    I suggest the foaming sanitizer as well. It's still alcohol but dries much faster and is easier to control how much you're putting on your hands (had a problem with that with the gel). I used to use gel before my hospital built a new building and they switched when we moved into the new building.

    I was having tons of problems with my hands just working normal shifts, and now my hands are better. Not perfect, but better.
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    Great suggestions thanks everyone
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    I like Neutrogena, I slather it on after work. Talk to employee health about ordering you something. We have nurses who are allergic to our gel and or soap and the hospital is more than willing to order them in something more soothing to their hands.
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    Quote from Lacie
    http://www.glovesinabottle.com/ (I think they send you free samples also on the website) I get it at the uniform shop in my area. If yours doesnt have it they may order it for you.
    I used to use this ages ago and forgot all about it Just ordered more, thank you!
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    True Blue Spa line from Bath and Body Works has "Look MA New Hands" that works great and you can get a small tube for the pocket at work. Good Luck.
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    Quote from MERRYWIDOW46
    True Blue Spa line from Bath and Body Works has "Look MA New Hands" that works great and you can get a small tube for the pocket at work. Good Luck.
    I use this every night before bed!! They also have a sugar scrub that works well to exfoliate too!
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    I am fortunate that I don't have problems with this. My hands get dry but my skin does not break down. I use hot water and soap only however. I never use any type of hand sanitizers.