Gift idea to thank the primary care office I have worked at

  1. 0 Hello All,

    I am in need of some ideas for a gift for the staff I have interned with and worked with over the last year as a nurse. It is for a non-profit community health clinic. The staff is fairly large with 7 providers, 5 nurses, and 6 Medical Assistants.

    I have accepted a new job and leaving is very bittersweet. I would like to get them a nice gift to show my appreciation for all of their support and knowledge transfer while I was there. Since it is also the holiday season, I'd like to spend extra. Somewhere around $100.

    They already have a Keurig for the office otherwise that would have worked well!

    Any and all ideas welcome. Thank you!! And happy holidays
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    If they have a Keurig, order a nice supply of k-cups in various flavors. Amazon has a great selection.
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    I like traumaRU's suggestion. I also like that OP is thinking of the staff in such a kind way

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