Gadsden State Nights

  1. Hey everyone. Has anyone applied to Gadsden State's night program in Centre, AL? Just wondering how many of y'all are stalking the mail man for your letters. I believe they will be mailing them out this week or next. Good luck guys!
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  3. by   cdb11190
    I have applied to the night program also but I was told we would receive an email with the letter. How many points did you apply with?
  4. by   djj2018
    Oh ok! Yea I had no idea they would do it through email. That's awesome. I applied with 36 points. How many points did you apply with? Do you know when the will be sending out letters/emails?
  5. by   cdb11190
    I applied with 36 points also if I added it correctly. And I was told the middle of July. I asked how many applicants applied for the night fall class and she told me they had several hundred applicants which makes me very nervous. Im just ready to hear something!!! I'm tired of waiting!
  6. by   djj2018
    I went to an information session back in a May. She said they have hundreds for the day program but only about 80-100 apply for the night program. That's still a good bit. Lol. I work with a guy who got into the day program with only 34 points. So that gives me some kind of hope. Lol!
  7. by   cdb11190
    Well that makes me feel a little better! Maybe she meant several hundred for all of the programs. And yeah that makes me feel better too.. I know I saw several people on here not wanting to night program bc it was longer than the day but only by one semester. I hope we hear from them very soon!!!!!!
  8. by   djj2018
    I hope so too!! We may be classmates soon!! Lol. But as soon as I hear something I will post here. Good luck!
  9. by   djj2018
    I called and spoke with Pam Mayo today (because I'm impatient lol). She said that letters won't be mailed until the end of the month. So I've been stalking the mail man for nothing. Ha!
  10. by   cdb11190
    Ugh.... I'm impatient too!!! I am so ready to know something! Idk why it is taking so long. They kicked it in gear with the summer applicants and they had their letters 3 weeks after the deadline.
  11. by   cdb11190
    Omg I really hope those letters come sooner rather than later!!! I am so ready to know!!! Good luck to you also! Hopefully we will be classmates soon!
  12. by   Bless~d1
    I emailed Ms. Mayo this morning to check in, she said letters will be mailed Monday. I bet she has received a hundred calls/emails about this. I appreciate her patience so much, this is exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time! Good luck to all!
  13. by   djj2018
    Omg! Awesome. Yea I know I have got on her last nerve. Lol. But she is always so nice. I'm so excited. Whether I get in or not, I will def reapply for next year. I've heard a lot of great things about this program. How many points did you apply with?? And Good luck! The wait is almost over.
  14. by   djj2018
    Hopefully those letters will be in the mail today! Good luck to everyone!