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    Talk about having a a stiff upper lip.... well he was British after all!!

    Many years ago one of my first jobs was as a junior Staff Nurse in an Accident and Emergency Department in England. I had always enjoyed the thrill of the Emergency Department and decided to make it my career. I had no idea at this point how I was going to be bringing the work home with me.

    One dark and foggy morning in December... a funny thing happened on the way to work.
    I had got up as usual and prepared myself for an early shift that started at 7am. After making sanwiches and getting dressed I opened the curtains to see what the day was like. I hoofed my poor husband and chauffeur out of bed and took the dog for a quick walk.

    It was a dirty, dark morning the fog hung like treacle in the air. We set off from home and set a course for the hospital. As we were going around the roundabout we heard a dreadful thud followed by a crunch.A man's face suddenly hit the windscreen looked at me then rolled off the bonnet.What the heck had just happened!

    I leaped out of the car seized with terror. There sitting on kerb was a tiny little old man puttting on his hat and brushing off his trousers.
    "Oh my God" I said "are you all right?".... "yes I am absolutly fine my dear" he said.. "I am so sorry that I hit your car I was not looking I think I was dreaming."

    By now I thought I was dreaming. All sorts of horrors were filling my head....
    "We must get you an ambulance" I said..." I am a fact I work at the ACcident Depatment...uh in fact I am on my way to work right now...."

    A big cheesy grin spread accross his face" Well I guess this is my lucky day" he said "I can come along with you."
    To our utter suprise he stood up, opened the back door to the car sat down and fastened his seatbelt.
    We got into the car and after thrity minutes and a rendition of "Its a long way to Tipperary' arrived at my place of work!!
    I am sure you can only imagine the reception I received!!! Many months later I would still be subject to the odd..." Oh its quiet lets send Anita out to drum up some business"It was tough

    As for the lovely old gentleman.. after careful examination and xrays he had not a scratch!!! He stayed with us for a while and after eating my sandwiches and telling his life story to anyone that would listen his daughter came to take him home.
    He got off the hospital trolley took my hand and squeezed it."Thankyou" he said for a wonderful day... please don't worry about me I have been through far worse things in the War."
    and with a tip of his hat he was gone.
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