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Funny Nurse music video!

  1. 2 Hey all!!
    If you like nurse/patient humor and/or Lady GaGa, check out this nursing themed parody of Telephone!! It's pretty funny hehehe.

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    Ok these are nursing students in their lab having fun.....

    But LOL, the patient was calling for the RN just to turn off the TV. LMHO.
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    FABULOUS !!!!! Laughed my a$$ off!!!! Needed a good laugh!
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    lol! Some days I really wish I could throw out the call bell.
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    I wanna make a video...

    its just that hospice isn't very funny.
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    LOVE IT!!!!
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    hahahaha cool!
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    that was funny. thanks for the laugh.
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    lol! I love the ending...hahaha
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    That was too cute. "Stop stalling stop stalling...we don't want to wait anymore, we're being pushed aside by every nurse on the floor". LOL
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    Thanks everyone, I'm really glad that you guys enjoyed it!
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    This was too funny!! It was Great
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    Very clever! I give you an "A".