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I was raised in a very small town and never attended a funeral other than those similar to my own background. I married a Catholic man and the funerals are a bit different than my "WASP" background, but not so much that anything... Read More

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    [quote=softstorms;3290591]There are many ways to come into this world.....We often fine it easier to be born here than to die here. But there is no guide to tell us how to die. Most hate to lose loved ones and lose ourselves also. But it is just a fact...
    I for one...would like to see more people give as much thought to the way we exit this world as they do the energy they give to people who are born here! quote]

    As a Hospice nurse, I have to say I disagree with this, lol. I help people die every day with dignity and comfort. I also hope that I help the families through this process.
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    Quote from praiser
    i know back in the 20's, 30's and 40's they used to lay bodies out in the home's "parlor".
    i do not think this is legal nowadays. not for sure. i'll have to ask a mortician, next chance i get ! haha

    praiser :heartbeat
    actually that is exactly what the funeral business wants us to believe and it is not true.i saw a pbs documentary about do it yourself burial called " a family undertaking" and it is legal in most states-as is skipping the whole embalming process.most communtites will allow you to be buried on your property,too,the documentary is available on netflix if you are is alink to an article about the doc.
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    Shay RN...Hospices is my Hope! I am a firm beliver in hospice! I think what I was trying to get thru was that there is not enough Hospice..or end of life care. Everyone is so into ...if I do this, or take that, or live this way or that will never end...........but it ends. We have so much out there that tells us..if we do this and that...that we will lead better and stronger lives.....but no one tells us that life does end. I want people to be able to end life without everyone telling them they can't die.
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    Quote from ShayRN
    My girlfriend told me the aren't actually nurses, just volunteers who pass out tissues and water and smelling salts in case anyone "falls out."
    At the ICU I work at now we have a large African American population. Never before have I seen so many people "pass out", spazz out, fall down, have a seizure, stroke out, or throw a fit on the floor like I have at this place. We have sent so many family members to the ER, it is rediculous. Most of these are like 4th cousins. lol. One instance, a brother in law passed out, fell on the hard floor, then the girl standing next to him fell out (she was 16) then because she was pregnant and fell out, her cousin fell on the floor 'seizing' . (lol) JEEEEZUS. Lawd God! Is all you could hear.

    I mean, I KNOW the culture differences because the staff is predominatly African American and we talk about it a lot,,, but even THEY say that most of this drama is over the top and uncalled for.
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    The native Alaskans will have a "pot Latch" celebration aprox 40 days after the funeral and it is a big time event. I'm not native Alaskan, but I lived there a little while and saw/heard about this. It was also a celebration of life.

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