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So I've been reading a lot of posts from new grads who can't get a job, and I must admit....I'm bummed out for them. So I thought I would try to come up with some ideas for anyone who is needing to beef up their resume! Lemme... Read More

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    Good ideas. The nurse who last oriented me told me that she continues to work as a waitress three days a week to pay her bills, as the four days a week in nursing does not pay the rent. She said she made more money as a waitress than as a nurse.
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    If you live in a rural area, volunteer for hospice. Hospice patients are always needing someone to sit with them while their caregivers get a much needed break. I think that would look excellent on a resume!

    Blessings, Michelle
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    Yes, some programs in my area are 3 to 4 months as well. Most of these programs are full time classes. Factor in required ride time as well. I may have been a little "generous" in the time space for class. So I asked a fellow firefighter I work with that teaches EMT and he says as short as 3 months, up to and his normal class length of 6 months.

    Either way, EMT Basic is a great addition to any nurses skill set.

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