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Foreign nurse here...

  1. 0 Hi.I wonder how you feel and what your thoughts are about the presence of foreign nurses from anywhere now working in your country...
    I am an RN from the Philippines but I also have my license in Missouri though I was not able to work there at all. Soon, I will be going back to U.S. to work..Im so excited about it.
    I really would like to hear to read your responses.
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    Like foreign nurses just fine. Don't like the idea of recruiting them here to solve our nursing shortage. There are better ways to adress the shortage and I don't think it is right to lure away nurses from poorer countries making their shortage worse. As long as they speak English and know how to nurse I have no problem with them
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    hi avolensky. i work with alot of women from the phillipines and we all get along great. where will you be living?
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    Thank you so much for your replies. Im new to this site and Im really glad that you spent time to post a reply.
    Im glad, that you get to work with people from my country and fine it ok. A lot of Filipino nurses are in the process of migrating to your country for work. There are a lot of hiring this time. I guess what lures most of us to leave home and work
    is the fact that we get better pay, a lot more.., in your country. At this time, we don't have a shortage in nurses in the Philippines. As a matter of fact there are still a lot of unemployed nurses here.
    I hope when I finally get to set foot in a hosp. I will get to be with nice poeople like you who welcomes newcomers. I have read some stories about
    problems in work re: newcomers not being "welcome"
    so much and wont get help easily...that's what Im scared of.
    If its not too much to ask,can you advise me on how / where to get a refresher course and training
    of different skills.We will be staying in Houston, Texas. Id really appreciate it.